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Women’s High Heel Shoe Protector Socks

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High Heel Essentials. A must have for all women. High Heel Essentials address the pain heels can cause on toes and the ball of your foot.

Your toes will feel snug, comfortable and protected wrapped in cotton. This also prevents them sliping off because they are fitted between your toes.

The material used to make the foot sole is soft sponge which is covered by cotton. This gives every step you take much needed cushioning and shock absorption resulting in reducing the stress load on your feet. The bottom is designed with anti slip granule technology so you never have to worry about slipping and falling.

Get yours now and change the relationship between you and your shoes, guaranteed comfort or your money back! 


  • Anti slip, shock absorption, pain and stress relief of foot sole
  • Soft and comfortable sponge material
  • Bottom designed with anti slip granules
  • One size fits all

Recommended for high heels, leather shoes and sneakers for ladies, to relieve foot pain caused by walking or standing for a long time.


Easy to fit into your shoes to comfort your feet.


Size: One size fits all
Dimension: Approx. 10.5*9*0.4cm / 4.13*3.54*0.15inch
Material: cotton, sponge 

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