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Cat & Dog Hair Fur Remover - Vacuum Cleaner

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Product size:20*7*11.5cm   

Incredible cordless pet vac that vacuums to collect dog and cat hair while you groom   

The mess free way to control shedding   

Clean up pet hair, before it gets everywhere   

Eliminates the pain of wire bristles   

Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand   

Pet Vacuum Grooming System vacuums to collect pet hair while you groom.   

Fast, easy and gentle.   

Massage nubs and gentle suction removes shedding fur without harsh bristles or pulling. 

Perfect for short or long haired pets.   

Features a hair collection canister. 

Fits comfortable in the palm of your hand. 

Removes dog and cat hair from clothes and furniture with the included fabric hair removing head.   

Requires 3 AA batteries

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