1080p HD Recorder Camera With Motion Sensor

1080p HD Recorder Camera With Motion Sensor

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REAL-TIME FOOTAGE : View real time video footage via your smartphone, PC or tablet. Download the app provided then view with sound and control what you want to record from anywhere in the world.

ENDLESS RECORDING : Plug the USB Cable (provided) directly to the outlet and record endlessly.

LISTEN AND TAKE LIVE PICTURES: Listen to audio and take pictures while viewing the camera from your desired device.

1080 HD QUALITY : Records high-quality footage in adjustable FULL HD 1080p.

LONG BATTERY LIFE : Record for long periods of time and come back to watch what you've missed out on or simply leave it on charge and it'll never run out!

NIGHT VISION & MOTION DETECTION : Start recording only when a motion is detected. Works great at night with the integrated night vision.

Has a built-in 1080p HD camera with 180 degree angle view. Now you can record whatever you want whenever you want.

Use it to capture lifetime memories, for any outdoor activities like biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, and more, use it instead of a dash cam, or use it just for fun!

With our camera never let any single memorable moment go undocumented from your life! You can easily use the camera as a sports cam with the stent (provided), or as a nanny camera to ensure your children are safe with their babysitter. Also our customers love to use the camera as a video baby monitor. The camera gives you endless possibilities (Dash cam in your car, bike, or just by clipping it to your bag while travelling).

You can have up to four surveillance cameras monitoring on one phone, to monitor multiple areas or angles at once.

Package includes :
  • HD Camera
  • User Manual
  • USB Cable to charge and transfer videos to your PC/Laptop
  • Magnetic pad