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Levitating Indoor Pot - Good Find Store
Levitating Indoor Pot - Good Find Store

Levitating Indoor Pot

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PREPARE TO BE ENTHRALLED: Our Levitating Plant Pot hangs suspended in mid-air, thanks to the miracle of MAGLEV: magnetic levitation technology. Magical & mesmerizing!


ADD DRAMA TO YOUR DECOR: Why settle for an ordinary planter? This distinctive floating vase enhances any home or office. Perfect conversation piece - your guests will be amazed!


LUSHER, HEALTHIER GREENERY: Set this gravity-defying pot near a window that gets full sunlight. As it floats above its base & rotates slowly, your plants will absorb vital nutrients from air & sun.


PERFECT FOR MOST PLANTS: At 8cm diameter & 3.5cm height, this compact pot works especially well for air plants (Tillandsia). Plus, it's ideal for bonsai, succulents & many more. (Plants NOT included.)


Enhance Your Decor & Enchant Your Guests with Our Magical Levitating Planter Set!


Tired of boring, run-of-the-mill home accents? Try our Levitating Planter. This distinctive plant pot FLOATS in mid-air, seemingly defying gravity.


The Secret Is MAGLEV: Magnetic Levitation Technology


It all starts with 2 powerful magnets: one in the planter, one in its matching base (included). The base magnet pushes up against the planter magnet. This, in turn, lifts the planter into the air, where it hovers & rotates gently, for an awesome, ongoing spectacle!



Perfect for Most Indoor Plants


Made of premium plastic with a realistic oak finish, this compact planter will accommodate:

*Air plants


*Cactus & other succulents


*Tropical plants & flowers & more


As it rotates, your vase exposes your plants to MORE precious air & sunlight. It's especially ideal for Tillandria (air plants), which draw their nutrients from the atmosphere.


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